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Taking the dream and moving forward…

When one of the first taprooms in Yakima announced they were up for sale in early 2019, Zack & Trena were disheartened to hear of this news. They were regular patrons of the Beer Shoppe – they enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere there and getting their growlers filled or picking up various cans and bottles from around the Pacific Northwest and the world. What could they do to stop this from happening?!

Several months went by, all along they debated on whether they could purchase the taproom. Then one evening after a visit to the Packwood Brewery and sitting around a campfire, they talked into the late night about purchasing the Beer Shoppe…why not?!! They immediately contacted the Beer Shoppe’s owner and tried to work out a plan that was respectful for all – unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be and the doors closed on the Beer Shoppe in late summer… it seemed as though their dream would end. During a visit to the Wandering Hop Brewery for a family gathering, they ran into an acquaintance of a local building owner in downtown Yakima who just so happened to have commercial space for lease! And so…the dream continues! Cheers! Or, Prost!

Meet the Owners

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Growing up in Moxee, Washington, Zack would visit his Mom who was the Bar Manager of the former Kohle’s Tavern. When he would stop by after school before heading home, he would see how hard she worked and all the long hours away from family, but he loved her for it. He always dreamt of owning his own bar someday but never pursued it. In his teen years, Zack grew up in Selah - he is a country boy at heart that would give you the shirt off his back! Later in life, Zack worked many years in the food and beverage industry and retired from commercial cleaning supplies business prior to becoming the owner of “The DEN”. He is also a proud Dad and “Papa Zack” to his grand kids! Craft beer was something he hadn’t tried until recent years, but now he spends most of his time finding other breweries that serve great craft beer. 

Before enjoying craft beers, Trena enjoyed a 16-ounce can of Busch Light! Whaaat?! As the craft beer scene began to emerge, she stepped up to the taste of Red Hook from Seattle and has enjoyed both domestic and craft beer ever since! Although she never thought about being part of a taproom before, her hospitality background in hotels and customer service for over 30+ years were always part of her life while raising her kids. Before the days of her relationship with Zack, she would enjoy meeting friends at the Beer Shoppe or stop on her own to have a pint or take home a growler. 

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