Bier Den Lite Bites



Bier Brat        $6

Prepared and served in a pioneer bun – organic kraut, chips, pickle spear, and special stone ground mustard on the side



Charcuterie  $17 Large Plate    $10 Small Plate      $5 Cheese Box

Cured & smoked meats, assorted cheeses, specialty crackers, fresh or dried fruits, olives, seasoned nuts or seeds, and select chocolates



Sliders          $7

Three toasty sliders; smoked pulled pork, melted cheese, and tangy BBQ sauce served on a toasted bun with pickle spear and chips



Nachos         $11

Just good ole’ Nachos! Corn tortilla chips topped with smoked pulled pork, jalapeños, pepperoncini’s, black olives, lots of melted cheese, salsa, and served with sour cream & fresh cilantro  What a little twist of flavor? Try our Bier Brat Nachos!



                                    Tortilla Chips & Salsa    $5 Small   $7 Large                                                      

Seasonal Veggies & Hummus Plate $7                         

     Multigrain chips, organic salsa, garlic organic hummus



PUB Mix       $4

Sweet, savory, sometimes spicy mixed nuts, pretzels, wasabi peas and rye chips  

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