Davy’s Meat Pie ($6 for 1, $10 for 2)
Inspired from the New Zealand Kiwi and the Australian Aussie meat pies! Choice of beef, chicken, pulled pork, veggie, or breakfast sausage & bacon. Served with your choice of country gravy, BBQ sauce, or sour cream.
Take some home!

Charcuterie ($16 Large Plate, $10 Small Board)
Cured and smoked meats, assorted cheeses, specialty crackers, dried fruits & seasonal veggies, green olives, seasoned almonds & select chocolates

Bier Brat $5
Brat prepared and served in a hoagie roll – comes with stone ground mustard, kraut, and assorted chips.

Tortilla Chips/Seasonal veggies with Salsa or Hummus ($4 Bowl, $7 Plate)
Assorted tortilla chips served with choice of salsa or garlic hummus

PUB Mix $4
Assorted mixed nuts & seasoned pretzels

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